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BSA Scout Pack 92 & Troop 92 taking care of some of our nations 1st veterans.

In Honor of Veterans Day, Pack 92 and Troop 92 joined forces to clean up the Old Methodist Cemetery in downtown Toms River and refresh all the flags on the Veterans graves. The Scouts were grateful to have Toms River Historian, J. Mark Mutter offer his time to walk them through the graves highlighting some of the notable heroes and citizens and the roles they played in our town’s great history. We all learned quite a bit from Mr. Mutter, and we can’t thank him enough for sharing his knowledge with us.

The Flags the scouts placed on the veterans graves were generously donated by George P. Vanderveer American Legion Post 129 through Commander Ed Rutzler. The Scouts wish to dedicate their efforts to all the Legion members in remembrance of their service and sacrifice. We salute all of you and thank you for your service. You are all remembered and appreciated.

The Scouts were also honored by Councilwoman Laurie Huryk, and Mayor Maurice “Mo” B. Hill Jr. with plaques commending them for their service to the community in honor of Veterans Day. We so appreciate them taking the time to do so.

Pack 92 and Troop 92 would like to thank the following individuals for their generous donation of time and support in ensuring this project was successful:

George P. Vanderveer American Legion Post 129 Commander Ed Rutzler, Toms River Historian J. Mark Mutter, Councilwoman Laurie Huryk, Mayor Maurice “Mo” B. Hill Jr., Public Works Director Anthony Benyola, Assistant Director Tim Russell, and the entire Public Works staff for supplying the manpower and equipment used to remove the debris which the Scouts cleared from the graves.

Troop 92 Flag Retirement Ceremony at Gettysburg

The Scouts of Troop 92 from Toms River, NJ were honored to be able to retire several flags belonging to the Gettysburg Battlefield Preservation Association (GBPA) at the historic Daniel Lady Farm. In attendance at the event were several of WWII reenactors in authentic uniforms and formations. The Scouts as well as the leaders consider this a highlight of our recent camping trip to the Daniel Lady Farm and will treasure this memory forever. Thank you to all in attendance and we look forward continuing and improving our Flag Retirement ceremonies in future Scouting adventures.

Troop 92 visits Gettysburg! by Jackson Bubnowski

Troop 92 arrived in Gettysburg, staying at Daniel Lady Farm. On Friday October 2 at around 5. They set up there tents and collected kindling for there fire. Then while Patrick and Ben built our fire while the rest of the troop helped get water and set up the Kitchen. They made chili and hot dogs with brownies for dessert. Then they cleaned up there kitchen. And went over to the campfire to play a few rounds of a card game called Mafia before bed. The next morning the 3rd they were woken up at 6 in the morning to get ready for the day. Then Jackson, Alex and Matt made sausage egg and cheese sandwiches. Then they got ready for a event where a lot of people reenacted the war and showed some period and replica items to the boys. Some items included Tanks, Army trucks, several kinds of guns used in the war, and much more. Also they took a tour of a barn that was a war hospital and a house that people lived in during the war. We watched a really cool battle where people shot guns at each other that were blanks. They made grill cheese sandwiches with ham for lunch and then went back out and went to the devils den and the Pennsylvania monument. After some of the boys played frisbee and football. And then started dinner which is Chicken, sausage and rice. Signing off to go to a flag retirement ceremony.

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