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Troop 92 By-Laws

BSA Emblem
  1. A Scout must follow the Scout Oath.
  2. A Scout must follow the Scout Law.
  3. A Scout must be RESPECTFUL at all times (to leaders, parents, and scouts alike).
  4. A Scout will not strike another Scout or person.
  5. A Scout is required to fully participate during any type of scouting event.
  6. A Scout must be ready to perform any scouting task required from the rank of Scout to the rank he is trying to attain.
  7. During a Scout Master Conference, a Scout can be asked to perform and task he should already know. If he does not know it, he will need to reinforce his skill for that particular requirement before the Scout Master grants his approval.
  8. During and scouting event, if a Scout is acting in an improper manner, he will be asked to leave the event, which means his parents will have to to him home.
  9. Totin’ Chips and Firem’n Chits can be taken away for any unsafe acts.
  10. Any troop fundraising credits remain with Troop 92 if a Scout decides to leave Troop 92 for any reason.
  11. Any donations (i.e., money, equipment, supplies) remains with Troop 92.
  12. A Scout must attend at least 50% of the scheduled meetings to be considered active in the troop.
  13. A Scouts yearly dues are to be collected no later then the 1st meeting of November.

Failure to follow the By-Laws will result in a warning…
A suspension…
And possible removal from the troop.

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